Wedding Mandap

Wedding Mandap is an essential part of weddings as it is the site for performance of a number of rituals. Needless to say mandap decorations are one of the pre-requisites for weddings. A well decorated mandap adds a glamorous appeal in the wedding celebrations. Wedding mandap is a four pillared structure meant for performance of wedding rituals and if decorated elegantly can set the mood for the weddings.

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Mandap decorations are mostly theme based. It is based on rich traditional colors like golden and red. Decorative and attractive tents or Shamianas are rented for holding this ceremony. These tents are bright in color and attractive enough to lure everyone's mind. For lightning purposes, lanterns and candles are used. As per the tradition and culture these mandaps are decorated beautifully.

The mandap decorations could include beautiful flowers, both fresh and artificial ones. The decoration could also include wall hangings and decorative artifacts. Mandap or the wedding canopy has become a specialization of many wedding decorators. Do not be amazed if I tell you that there many sites on internet that advertise items used exclusively in Mandap decorations. Desire of particular Mandap decorations have become such a demand that people with heavy pockets hire professionals exclusively to design their Mandap.

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It is always the décor of an event that creates the first impression. Having been in the event decoration arenas for nearly two decades, we as one of the most fascinating decorators in Vadodara, know the subtle intricacies involved in each and every minute aspects.